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If you do nothing else during your stay, abide by these four rules -- in part so you don’t look like a total amateur, but mainly because the disappointing glares you’ll receive cut even deeper when you’re standing there completely naked. Always keep a towel on hand In a valiant effort to maintain certain sanitation standards, you're required to sit on a towel in any common area.

Phrased another way: No bare asses on the bar stools.

But amusement and water rides also can be adrenaline-pumping activities which put substantial strain and forces on your body and senses, through rapid acceleration, speed, sudden movements, and the unpredictable motion of a ride, which may thrust your body about in different directions, causing muscular strain and stress on your body such as on your neck and back, and accelerated heart rate and blood pressure.

| Rider Responsibility | Guests with Disabilities | Weather Safety | No Animals Children – Notice to Parents & Guardians | Rules of Guest Behavior | Dress Code Weapons & Other Prohibited Items | Security at the Park | Photography – Personal & Commercial Drones – Prohibited & Illegal | Food & Beverage | Breast Feeding Non-Amusement Park Activities – Politics, Protests, etc.

| Operational Policies For your safety and enjoyment at our Park, please carefully read all of the text below.

‘UK brands have a responsibility to the people who make their clothes, and should ensure they are being paid a decent living wage.’A spokesman for Cefinn said its factories complied with all international regulations, adding: ‘Cefinn only works with factories that have been fully audited – we have a close relationship with all of the factories that we use and visit them regularly.’But Miss Round said auditing could merely be a tick-box exercise and was ‘generally not effective on its own in delivering real change for workers’.

She added: ‘Auditing is just one of a series of approaches needed.

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