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Each episode this season has been a loosely structured but evocative and charming vignette, and “First Date” is a vignette made up of smaller vignettes.

With a teleplay from Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, based on a story by Sarah Schneider, and fluid, intimate direction from Eric Wareheim, “First Date” is one of the best televisual explorations of dating apps, an aspect of modern life that television so often tries but usually fails to mine for comedy.

The jar is in the shape of a very dark-skinned Black woman in domestic worker clothing.

For such an intimate social interaction based on real-life chemistry, dating is evolving right along with our technological revolution.

I thought I had pretty good taste when I was in high school.

I love the original Dunkin' Donut (the one with the handle for dunking).

Stay away from the weird stuff, but make it funny/interesting and illustrate that you actually read something in their profile.

A lot of it is done online, meaning that each first date is semi-blind, because we’ve seen pictures of each other but have never met IRL.

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