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This email will include steps in order to review and confirm accuracy of the DNS records we have on file and instructions to update your name servers to provide the ability to complete the upgrade.

We zullen hieronder alle DNS-records uitleggen welke bij Trans IP in het controlepaneel zijn in te stellen.

Hierin wordt ook in een overzichtelijke manier besproken hoe DNS zelf werkt.

Even if you are not a player in the domain business, these activities affect you – that is, if you own a domain name for business or personal use.

When queried by former registrants, NVS offers to sell them back (at extortionate prices) or auctions them off on the aftermarket.

(BEWARE: PLEASE DO NOT NAVIGATE TO THIS SITE; it could contain some malicious code attached to it. Norton does show the site as safe, but I have had some issues with Norton lately.

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