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While Vancouver has a limited number of later-stage tech companies in which to invest, Frind said his strategy is to look at deals as they come along. The plan here is there’s going to be a lot of growth.” Frind, who grew up in the northern B. village of Hudson’s Hope before studying computer programming at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 1997, told Business in Vancouver in 2008 there was “not a chance” he’d sell POF.

Praise for Michael Hartl’s Books and Videos on Ruby on Rails “My former company (CD Baby) was one of the first to loudly switch to Ruby on Rails, and then even more loudly switch back to PHP (Google me to read about the drama). It’s an amazing piece of work and, unusually, walks you through building a Rails app from start to finish with testing.

We’ve put together a list of 20 of the wealthiest Ph D holders in world. Martin (#19), everyone on this list is a confirmed billionaire (cross-referenced against Forbes).

Yet, Gore is part of a family that is worth .8B, and Martin was in fact declared a billionaire in early 2014.

“The real cool thing about Markus, and Plenty Of Fish and that success, is that it really goes against the conventional wisdom of investors,” said Boris Wertz, founder of Version One Ventures.

“Here’s a guy, as a solo founder, bootstrapped a company over 12 years, never raised a single dime.” As POF’s sole shareholder, Frind will be bringing US5 million – minus taxes – from the all-cash deal back with him to Vancouver.

Brin and Page were in Computer Science at Stanford, while Musk was in Applied Physics at Stanford.

Had Page and Brin completed their doctorate degrees, they would have been near the top of this list, just below S. On the flip side, while we can’t guarantee attending one of the top online doctoral programs will make you a millionaire or billionaire, some have gone as far as completing one or more master’s degrees and a Ph D.

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) Whether you’re a student or not, you’ve heard that getting a higher education will make a difference in earnings over your lifetime.

I relished learning from him about the process of regulatory and legislative change in Washington.

We immediately clicked: first meeting for coffee on a thursday to discuss my project.

Sure, some millionaires and billionaires have dropped out of college (e.g., Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, worth B) or even high school and have still done exceptionally well in life.

Several billionaires dropped out of their Ph D programs to deal with success: Larry Page (.5B) and Sergey Brin (B), both co-founders of Google; Elon Musk (.2B; co-founder of Pay Pal, Tesla Motors, Space X, Solar City).

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